What Happen After Sales

What Happen After Sales

Still working for you, even after sale.

What Happen After Sales

You may be wondering what happens after your business is sold. Indeed, there are still the staff, clients and of course, your reputation, to consider. We have this covered as part of our service to you.

There are three different ways that we can take care of your business after the sale:

Buy, Hold And Grow

This is the most popular solution, in which we add your business to our portfolio and help it to grow over the next five years.

  • use our business portfolio to make useful economies
  • optimise costs and overhead savings
  • utilise our buying power with suppliers
  • share increased profits with staff

Business Purchase Including A Managerial Role

We will take on your business and provide you with a role as a consultant or manager, on a fixed term contract.


  • continuity during the transition
  • guaranteed income for you the vendor
  • freedom from the hassles of running the business

Business Purchased And Sold On

We will temporarily acquire your business, then sell it on within a specified time frame.

In some instances, where there is no conflict of interest, we may sell the business on to one of our private equity partners. In these cases, arrangements are always ethical and substantial arrangements are made for any staff employed.